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How to build your own winning Viper by Terry of Harden Creek

I want to put a hotter armature and stronger magnets in my Standard Chassis

Whenevber you start to put hotter armatures and stronger magnets in any slot car, you must consider the additional heat build up that is going to be generated. Stronger magnets pull the car down gripping the rails harder making the armature work harder to pull the car along. This will cause heat build up at the armatures commutator and at the brushes, brushes will wear away quickly and you can end up with the armature burning out.

'O'-Ring Front End Set for Tomy & Tyco Narrow Cars

Get your ride slammed for best handling!!   These are the real-deal Pro-Trax™ CNC machined Delrin front 'o-ring' hubs and axle sets.  You get one (1) complete axle set: Hubs, O-Rings, Axle.These are designed to run in Tomy SRT, Super G Plus, Mega-G, and Tyco 440x2 cars.  Other applications can be done with different size o-rings installed.  Comes with 2 sets of o-rings to get your car 'slammed'!! Large O-rings finish at  approx: .362 OD. Smaller rings finish off at approx:  .354 OD.  For reference, most factory Tomy cars are .385 OD on the front and Tyco 440x2 Narrow is .372 OD. Sets shipped with hubs & axle loose.  You may need press or other proper tools to get and exact fit to your specific car.

Viper Scale Racing Low Profile  Pickup Shoes

The Viper Scale Racing Low Profile pickup shoes feature a lightweight high contact, long lasting profile. The low profile shoe was designed with the racer in mind. These shoes are recommended to use for Super Stock racing or any other class that would require you to use front tires smaller than .340” The low profile design pulls the heel of the shoe up and keeps the shoe flatter when using small front tires. This shoe can also be used on Tomy Super G+, SRT, Turbo, Viper V1 and BSRT G cars.

Viper Scale Racing Recessed  Pickup Shoe Hangers

The Viper Scale Racing Recessed Hangers feature a lightweight low profile design. The most important part of the hangers is the recessed hinge point for the pickup shoe. This recess prevents the hanger from contacting the rail and allows the pickup shoe to completely contact the rail. This is important because not allowing the pickup shoe to contact the rail can result in power loss and unwanted heat. No bending is required. Just install and go. The other key feature that has been added to this hanger is the hole in the top of the spring tab. This is a dual purpose feature. First it removes unneeded weight and second it provides an access hole to the spring which allows racers to add shunt wires.

Traction Magnets *

The Evo 4/10 Traction Magnets are full height and will not fit the Tomy AFX Super G.

  Neo 52 Traction Magnets

These are the real deal - Level 52 Neo.  Specifically made to fit  Viper V1™, BSRT G3-R chassis and Tomy Super G Plus cars.  These are sold as a serious hop-up part - you better have the right tires and tools to keep from frying your armature.   It is recommend that you run firm slip-on tires. The traction magnet clip for a Tomy SG+ must be in good shape and hold the magnets tight.  For a Viper V1™ and BSRT Scale Auto G3 chassis, use the top shims. You can NOT run these in a VIPER or BSRT flexible and medium chassis.  Only a stiff chassis should be used.

Viper V1 Chassis

The “V1” is a multipurpose inline platform that is based on the very popular and successful Tomy Super G+.  The V1 is the ultimate upgrade for any Super G+.  It can also be used to build a high performance race car for multiple classes. All parts from the Super G+ and other aftermarket G+ parts are interchangeable with the V1 chassis with the only exception being the thicker traction magnets. Molded in Body post allow the use of lightweight lexan bodies. These can be cut off and the Tomy Super G body clip used for fitment of hard plastic bodies. The V1 is lower, lighter, more durable and FASTER!!! 

It is not recommended you use the "Flexi" Chassis for Pro 10 Magnets and higher. It's a great chassis for replacing your standard Tomy AFX Super G Plus using it's traction magnets with magnet spacers.