Slotcarsdirect bring to the market place a new chassis to replace the old loved Tomy AFX Turbo/SRT car chassis, we took what was already a good chassis and made it great.

After many years enjoying the Turbo/SRT chassis, stocks have finally come to an end. So it was time to see what we could do to accommodate our customers in their search for more. 

Slotcarsdirect set about a redesign, listening to what our customers wanted and adding all the modifications needed to bring a chassis to the market that just enhanced what was already good in a chassis.


The chassis had to be flexible enough to take Tomy Turbo/SRT parts, (which it will bar the guide pin) but also it had to be able to take a lot of the Tune-Up parts from Viper. We wanted the chassis not only to be available to the guys and their home tracks, but also to the racers that will extract every last ounce of power from it.


The chassis material was changed to Nylatron for strength and to get away from the originals brittleness. The chassis will now take all the knocks from those fly off track moments. 

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We have also had the magnet retaining clip and SRT  Neo magnet holder made in Nylatron. The magnet holder has also been modified to take larger gearing giving everyone a better choice when setting up their racers. These will also fit the Turbo & SRT chassis.

BDR Racing Products


We took note of the old problem everyone had with front axles popping out in a crash, so we enclosed the axle holes. We also gave extra holes for longer wheelbase to aid with Lexan bodies and those that like to mould their own resin bodies. Pickup shoe bumpers were also fitted to help stop them flying off in crashes. The motor support front and rear has also been modifield to hold the motor firmer. We also removed the plastic from the lower part of the chassis so to aid magnet grip from the motor to the track rails.

BDR Racing Products